Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver safe, affordable, and reliable energy solutions to our customers every day through exceptional service and a strong commitment to our communities.

About the Company

Summit Utilities, Inc. owns natural gas distribution and transmission subsidiaries that operate in Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. The company provides safe and affordable natural gas to businesses and residents in six states through Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, Colorado Natural Gas, Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Summit Utilities of Arkansas, and Summit Utilities of Oklahoma. Each of Summit’s natural gas distribution and transmission subsidiaries constructs and installs natural gas distribution systems with the goal of supporting economic development by providing safe and reliable natural gas to residential and commercial customers through exceptional customer service and commitment to community. Overall, Summit entities serve approximately 625,000 customers and operate more than 23,400 miles of pipeline.

Our Values In Action. Every day we…

Put Safety First

We never compromise the safety of our colleagues, customers and/or communities

Focus on Customers

We honor our customers and communities by giving them the best of ourselves and by prioritizing their safety and satisfaction

Are Accountable

We take ownership for our actions and the resulting impact we have on our customers, communities, and financial success


We work as a team to effectively execute on our vision and deliver our goals

Strive for Excellence

We deliver consistent results by taking a strategic and aligned approach

Honor Diversity

We embrace the diversity of thought in finding optimal solutions for achieving our mission