Summit Utilities, Inc. Celebrates National Hydrogen Day


October 8th is National Hydrogen Day, appropriately chosen for the atomic weight of Earth’s most abundant element - hydrogen, 1.008.

While the link between hydrogen and a natural gas utility may not be intuitive for many, at Summit Utilities, we believe that our industry and existing natural gas infrastructure plays a key role in creating a sustainable energy future.

Hydrogen is abundantly available, it’s versatile and reliable, and it’s a tangible, achievable solution for realizing net zero goals and reducing utility emissions. Moreover, it is something that we can deploy right now.

This is why Summit is “all-in” on hydrogen and we’re already using our vast pipeline distribution network to bring lower carbon fuels, like renewable natural gas, to our customers.

Natural gas utilities like Summit, have a unique opportunity to utilize our existing pipeline infrastructure to deploy this clean energy alternative immediately. Utilities in North America and Europe have demonstrated the capability to safely blend up to five percent of hydrogen into our existing pipelines, automatically bringing our 625,000 customers a more efficient and less carbon-intensive energy source, helping to accelerate the path to a cleaner energy future without costly infrastructure switches or new-builds.

At Summit, we’ve built our brand on excellent customer service and a strong commitment to the communities in which we operate. We understand that being a responsible energy provider and good neighbor means being a good steward of the environment.

On this National Hydrogen Day, and every day, we are excited to help lead the transition to a sustainable energy future where utilities can utilize hydrogen and natural gas hand in hand to build a clean-fuels network that meets rising energy demands and lowers greenhouse gas emissions while providing our customers with the same safe, reliable, and affordable energy solutions.

The role we play in the energy transition cannot be overlooked. We do not have to wait for decarbonization solutions. Hydrogen is ready for us today and we look forward to using it as we work to build a sustainable energy future.