Keeping Our Customers Safe With New Technology


Summit Utilities utilizes cutting-edge leak detection technology from Picarro that serves as one more way we're working to keep our team members and communities safe.

You may have seen one of our natural gas survey vehicles around town, equipped with high-tech detection devices that are up to 1,000 times more sensitive than hand-held instruments used in walking surveys. These devices can detect leaks down to one part per billion in ambient air while reducing false positives from naturally occurring methane. As the equipment surveys our areas of operation, it is able to measure and map gas particles in the air. The vehicles are used as a first pass to allow leak technicians to better identify and grade leaks for replacement.

Due to the nature of natural gas and lower temperatures/less traffic in the nighttime hours, you may see these vehicles driving night shifts to detect potential pipeline concerns. If you see one of our natural gas survey vehicles in your neighborhood in the middle of the night, don’t be alarmed and wave to your friendly Summit survey technician inside! Please know we're working in your area to survey our pipelines to ensure the safety and efficiency of our systems.