Colorado Natural Gas Innovates with Methane Recapture Technology


BENNETT, CO - Colorado Natural Gas (CNG) completed a successful pilot of methane recapture technology while working on a pipeline replacement project in Bennett, Colorado on December 30, 2020.

The pilot demonstrates a step forward for the company as it works to reduce emissions on its system and limit its environmental impact.

“Utilizing methane recapture technology presents an incredible opportunity to reduce emissions in our operations by capturing and reusing gas that would otherwise have been emitted into the atmosphere. The environmental impact of our pilot was equivalent to keeping 1.5 cars off the road for an entire year. We are excited to begin using this technology more broadly in our operations,” said Jason Weekley, Chief Operations Officer for Colorado Natural Gas.

Gas venting during planned maintenance and pipeline replacement projects can lead to methane emissions from gas distribution systems. By piloting Zero Emissions Vacuum and Compression (ZEVAC®) technology when replacing a 3” steel pipeline with an 8” steel pipeline in its eastern district, Colorado Natural Gas was successfully able to prevent more than 7.0 MT of CO2e from being purged to the atmosphere.

The recent pilot of ZEVAC® technology is one of many steps CNG is taking to reduce emissions from its pipeline system. The company is proud to be a leader in reducing methane emissions in the gas industry. Additional efforts include:

  • ONE Future Coalition member since 2016: CNG is a member of the ONE Future Coalition, an organization made up of energy companies from across the natural gas supply chain that are committed to achieving a science-based average rate of methane emissions across facilities equivalent to one percent or less of total natural gas production. With company leaders on ONE Future’s Board of Directors and other policy and technical committees, CNG works with the coalition to report emissions data, mitigation efforts and best practices with the goal of leading the industry to a sustainable path of lower emissions and more efficient operations.
  • Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge: By participating in the voluntary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Methane Challenge Program since 2016, CNG commits to transparently reporting methane emissions and describing the systematic and comprehensive actions the company is taking to reduce methane emissions.