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    Safety is of the highest importance to Summit Utilities and the natural gas industry.

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    19 09, 2014

    Historic Church turns to New Technology

    • September 19th, 2014

    Christ Church in Gardiner is the oldest continuously operating Episcopal Church in Maine. For more than 200 years it has played a vital role […]

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    About Summit Utilities, Inc.

    Summit Utilities, Inc. is a privately-held holding company that owns and operates several natural gas distribution and transmission subsidiaries: Colorado Natural Gas, Inc.; Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Inc.; Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc.; and related companies: Natural Gas Conversion Company, Inc.; Summit Gas Transmission, Inc.; Summit Utilities Management Services, LLC; and Wolf Creek Energy LLC. Our natural gas subsidiaries construct and install natural gas distribution systems in order to provide natural gas to residential and commercial customers.

    Summit Utilities was founded in 1996 by two entrepreneurial-minded executives that recognized a need to deliver a more cost-effective fuel option to residences and businesses in areas other utility companies could not or would not serve with natural gas. Summit and its subsidiaries recognize the numerous benefits of natural gas as an energy source—safety, affordability, sustainability—and has a diverse and successful track record of identifying, constructing and operating new natural gas distribution systems in the areas it serves.Learn More